I Drank Warm Water with Lemon and Honey for 365 Days and then Experienced a Shock

Crystal Davis is an American woman who became a global hit after posting her warm lemon water experience online. Looking for a change, Crystal decided to start drinking lemon water with honey every morning and was happy to see what it will do for her overall health.

When Crystal’s experiment finished a year later, she was she was shocked in a positive way. Crystal says that until a few years ago, she used to buy honey and lemon drinks in the drugstores when she had the flu. Of course, they helped her a lot, but she was a bit skeptical when she started this challenge. Fresh lemon juice is much healthier than the powdered one you buy in the drug stores.

Back on the subject, she decided to drink hot water with honey and lemon for 365 days, every morning as the first thing on an empty stomach. She was wondering if this drink can do wonders to her body.

And now she says that she is very satisfied. She hasn’t had a cold, stomach flu or any other similar disease for a year. She was so shocked with this drink that she started taking it everywhere with her, even when she traveled somewhere.

She has become a morning person and she didn’t need coffee. She says that she has more energy and feels happier in the morning.

She uses a teaspoon of organic honey and a half a fresh lemon in a normal cup. First, she boils the water and leaves it to cool a bit. After the honey dissolves, she pours the lemon juice and drinks this drink immediately after waking up. Sometimes the lemon juice can be less or more acidic, so she sometimes adds some extra honey to improve its taste.

Crystal explains that if half a lemon is too much for you, you can start with a quarter of a lemon until you get used to.

The drink is very healthy and offers many health benefits. Here are the main ones:

Improves the quality of your skin

Lemon is very beneficial for your skin. It can even clean your blood because it stimulates the production of new red blood cells. Drink warm lemon water every morning to increase the production of collagen in your skin and improve its elasticity.

Boosts digestion

Lemon helps your liver to produce more bile, so the body breaks down food better and absorbs all the nutrients. Honey is a powerful antibacterial agent. It can prevent infections and destroys bacteria, detoxify your body and boosts the production of mucus in the stomach.

Prevents infections

The miracle drink will boost your digestion and will help your colon running properly, preventing many digestive problems. This drink is a natural diuretic so it will expel toxins from your body and will clean your urinary tract.

As you can see, warm lemon water with honey is a perfect way to start your day. The drink is very healthy and beneficial, so start drinking it today and you will look and feel rejuvenated soon!

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