If you have 4 of these traits, you one of the rarest people on Earth

We all have different personalities. Carl Jung says that people can be divided into different groups, according to their attitude: thinking-feeling, judging-perceiving, sensitive-intuitive and extroverted-introverted.

INFJ is a combination of the initials of each group. So, INFJ represents the most uncommon type of character: intuitive, introverted, feeling and judging.

The main characteristics of INFJ personality:


These people have a strong focus and they always concentrate on the things that are important to them. They are confident, they make decisions easily and can think of a new way to approach some problem.

Hard workers

People who belong to this group love to work. These people always push themselves and they are great when it comes to deadlines. Hard workers work hard because according to them nothing comes easy in life, and you have to earn it instead.

Trusting their instincts

These people have intuition and they always trust the voice inside their heads. They can predict some bad situation and they usually tell if a big change is coming.

A few good friends

These people always choose their friends carefully, but they prefer to be alone. They like to keep a closed circle of friends, so you will not see them in large groups of people.

Empathy is key

For these people, empathy is really important. They always put others before themselves and they always help if a person is in need of something. This means that being alone and rebooting is very important for them to keep a sane and clear mindset.

Excellent judge of characters

People that belong to this group can read a person and can detect lies from miles. They always stay away from the negativity and from the people who do not have good intentions.

Thinking outside of the box

These people spend time alone, and they can develop a sense of vision and creativity that others don’t have. This sense gives them the opportunity to produce wonderful things and to look beyond themselves.


People who belong to this group are idealists, visionaries, and creative, and they have the ability to inspire the people around them, especially their friends.

Writers at heart

These people are masters when it comes to putting thoughts into words. They always work better alone and the solitude gives them the chance to express their feeling.

Problem solvers

People who belong to this group have the ability to look at a problem and find at least one solution for that specific problem. They organize their life better than the people who don’t belong to this group.

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