Individuals With Rh-Negative Blood Don’t Come From Earth-New Theory

Brad Steigner who is a widely known American researcher of paranormal phenomena, noted an interesting attribute: people with Rh-Negative blood are very rare. Actually, according to the legislation of genetics, people could inherit only those homes that our forefathers possessed.

This means that if a guy and an ape have actually descended from one ancestor, then their blood must match. However, all primates have Rh-Positive blood.

The beginning of Rh-Negative people is still a secret. According to the statistics, about 30% of the population are Rh-Negative. Spanish Basques, Ethiopian black Jews, Samaritans and Israeli Jews are amongst this 30 %. On the other hand, the variety of such people barely reaches 1% among other nations. Most healers, tools, people with uncommon mental abilities also have Rh-Negative blood.

There are just 4 blood groups. Every one of them is different in composition, or more precisely in the visibility of numerous proteins in blood cells that fight against microorganisms in the body. 70% of the people on the Earth have these healthy proteins and are Rh-Positive.

But nobody knows why do some people have no such proteins? This is a mystery! According to the scientists, the initial people on the Earth with a negative Rh factor appeared 35,000 years ago. But how? It is an enigma.

Below are some typical qualities for people with Rh-Negative blood:

  • – They have a higher IQ than people who are Rh-Positive;
  • – They have a lower body temperature than Rh-Positive individuals;
  • – They are far more stable emotionally;
  • – Most of them have red hair;
  • – They are really sensitive to warm and they do not like the cold.
  • – They have blue, eco-friendly or brown eyes.

Experts say that it is impossible to clone people with Rh-Negative blood. Additionally, if an expectant mom has Rh-Negative blood, the immune system of her body will certainly attack the unborn child, regarding it as a strange body. That’s why women with Rh-Negative blood type are asked to take special medicines during pregnancy.

But the question is, why does their own body attack their very own kids? Why does it regard them as complete strangers? This riddle does not have a clear answer, but it certainly operates in support of the theory of the unusual origin of people with Rh-Negative blood type.

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