Indoor Vs. Outdoor Cycling: Which Is Best?

If you are cycling freak than we are sure that you face the same dilemma as all other cyclers—the same conundrum every winter: should you be brave and go outside or to switch to an indoor stationary bike.

There is no doubt that riding outdoors provides lots of advantages, there are likewise some advantages and disadvantages to cycling inside your home.

Indoor Cycling Isn’t As Aerobic

If you are serious rider, than we are pretty sure that riding a stationary bike will not give you the satisfaction as biking outdoors. But if you only want to ride recreationally, indoor cycling can be what you need. However, when riding a stationary bike, you are not riding quickly enough or hard sufficient to offer yourself a serious aerobic exercise. On the other hand, when you’re riding outdoors, you’re using numerous other muscles to keep your bike balanced while pedaling. Indoor cycling has the tendency to work much better for the average individual who does not ride that fast, but for those who are dedicated to biking, riding a real bike is the much better workout.

Don’t Train on a Stationary Bike

A lot of new bikers make the mistake of thinking that they can train for a race on a stationary bike. Although it can assist you train your stamina, it isn’t a replacement for conventional cycling. You use numerous other muscles when riding outdoors, and those are the muscles that you’ll need to be in the best shape while racing. Not only for the muscles, training on a real bike likewise helps you get used to riding over different terrain,under different weather conditions, both of which could impact your efficiency on race day.

See the World!

It is a fact that riding outdoor can be an interesting ride. You can smell the fresh air, see new things, and connect with nature. On the other hand, while riding indoor, you can listen to music, watch some TV, or even talk on the phone. Indoor cycling with a good friend or with a group can make it less of a chore, too. For some individuals indoorbiking is boring, while others choose it because they’re in a more climate regulated environment and can take more frequent breaks.

Or Ride at your Convenience

The best benefit of riding indoors is that you are able to ride whenever you like. While outdoor biking needs more planning, involves going outside, putting your helmet and it can be very inconvenient, especially if there’s bad weather. But, when it comes to indoor biking, all you need to do is go to the gym. Or if you invest some money and buy your very own stationary bicycle, you do not even have to do that!


While cycling can be hard and exhausting, it still has to be stress free and relaxed, which you cannot do if it causes you back pain. Indoor cycle most likely has the exact very same seat as every other stationary bicycle out there. That indicates it’s probably not going to be that comfortable for you. In fact, it may even injure your back, and some people find that they simply cannot ride a stationary bike for that long due to the fact that it begins to bother their lower back. However, when it comes to road bikes, you can always change the seat with one that better fits your body, that is more comfortable, implying you can cycle for long period of time.


You’ll probably need protective gear and other bike wear when you ride outside. You also have to be very careful since if you’re not, there’s a possibility you’ll fall. But that does not mean that indoor cycling cannot be also dangerous. As we stated before, it is possible to strain your back if you do not find the proper seat you’ll feel comfortable on, your knees may hurt or your back bothers you after riding a stationary bike.

So Which is Better?

At the end, it all depends on you. It’s all a matter of how athletic you or what your goals are. If you want to train for a race or love hanging outside, then a traditional bike is the choice for you. If you feel like you want to workout without investing a great deal of money, then a stationary bicycle is most likely what you need.

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