Your Kid can Drown in this Way Too – you Would have Never Guessed this

After spending a day at the swimming pool, you feel exhausted and very sleepy. But, have you ever wondered why? Children are the ones who are exceptionally active during the day.

Casandra Jackson was not surprised when her 10-year-old son Jonny told her that he wanted to take a rest after spending the entire day at the swimming pool.

He went sleeping as soon as he got back home and his mother never supposed that something is wrong with her son. Later, she entered his room and couldn’t believe her eyes.

Jonny had a lot of foam coming out of his mouth and he couldn’t breathe properly. She took him to the hospital and the doctors explained her what caused such condition.

They described it as a secondary drowning. It comes as a result of swallowing too much water and happens in the next 72 hours from the moment you have swallowed the water.

These cases are very rare, but if you leave the symptoms untreated, the secondary drowning may end up fatally.

Whenever an adult or a child swallows a small amount of water, the lungs get irritated, hence swelling comes as a next symptom. Even though the amount of water is small, it is more than enough to affect the function of the lungs and inhibit the oxygen from getting into the bloodstream.

In case your child comes to a near drowning experience of swallows too much water, don’t leave him out of your sight in the next 72 hours.

If you notice the symptoms of secondary drowning such as shortness of breath after bathing, exhaustion, rapid change in mood and irritability, medical help is necessary.

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