Kill Cancer Cells In A Day!!! Only With Broccoli And Watercress

A study showed that two plants can fight the battle against cancer and they can lower the risk of it. Broccoli and watercress do have the potential since they are full with antioxidants. The are quite known for their anti-cancer benefits and effects.

Health benefits

The peppery taste is a characteristic of the watercress and it has plenty of nutrients. Knowing they consist of many vitamins and minerals the watercress has 312% intake for vitamin C and vitamin K. It can protect the DNA of the body from damage. The broccoli consists of vitamin D, fibers and glucosinolate-phyto nutrients which help with detoxification of the body and it cleans it from many diseases and infections.

Prevention of cancer

The broccoli and watercress can be helpful at lowering the risk of breast cancer, prostate cancer and colon cancer. The glucosinolates can produce isothiocyanates because of the phyto-chemicals. These components have properties which can shut down the signals sent by the tumors to the brain and it encourages them to grow more.

If you chew these vegetables you can release enzymes that can help with cleansing your body and fighting against the cancer, as some studies show. A compound found in the broccoli and watercress is called phenanthrylisothiocyanate or PEITC and it is a great fighter against any kind of cancer. The effect they give with reducing the cancer cells is proven many times.

Better effect than chemotherapy

The chemotherapy can attack the tumors which are bigger in size but it can also produce high levels of radiation and provokes many problems to the body. It is helpful with the removing and reducing of the cancer cells but they can still be inside the body. Researches show that PEITC as a part of watercress and broccoli, can eliminate the cancer cells during twenty four hours which is relatively fast.

The research that proves this is made in an isolated lab with special tests and when made on the body can vary. The results can be different but it is true that the elements in the two vegetables are good at inhibiting and killing the cancer cells. Therefore, consume the broccoli and watercress in order to have healthy body.

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