LEAKED Footage: Here’s What Monstrous Things They Do For The Sake Of The Meat Industry (VIDEO)

Animal Equality investigators have inspected the industrial chicken hatcheries in order to check their working and then the most shocking thing happened. They revealed a truth that the chicken industry is hiding it from you.

First, let us first explain what hatcheries are. They are places where the chickens we consume are borne by the thousands.

Animal Equality investigators stated that meat industry is brutal. These little and fragile creatures are kept in an industrial incubators as soon as they are hatched. They are not treated as living creatures, but rather like mirror machines. It seems like no one feels compassion for these little chicks. The cruel and insensitive meat industries’ management is in charge of their lives. They spend their first day of living in an industrial incubators, instead of spending it in the warmth of their mother.

We suppose that the following footage was filmed secretly in some American factory. Similar procedure has been found in the UK. The Association for the Protection of Animals and Animal Equality, couldn’t stay indifferent to this matter so they decided to publish this video.

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