Listening to This Song Will Relieve Anxiety by 65 Percent

Anxiety is a mental disorder that leads to nervousness, unfounded fear, and panic. The number of people affected by this condition has been constantly increasing. A 2013 analysis showed that 57% of the female university students in the United States had moments of overwhelming anxiety.

The charity YouthNet found out that a third of the young women in the United Kingdom and one in ten young men, is experiencing panic attacks.

However, mental disorders like anxiety, depression, and panic can be treated. There is a variety of ways for treating these conditions. The conventional method as you suppose, is using pharmaceutical medications.

Mental activities such as yoga or meditation as well as getting a massage are excellent methods for stress relief. Music therapies have been proven to be the best solutions for reducing anxiety. They have a positive impact on your health in general.

A group of British neuroscientists have discovered a revolutionary technique. Believe it or not, they found a song which has the power to reduce anxiety by 65%. Are you curious to find out the title of the song? It’s ‘’Weightless’’ – The World’s Most Relaxing Song.

A group of researchers, led by Dr. David Lewis Hodgson, examined the anxiety levels of the participants who were supposed to complete puzzles, while listening to different songs.

During the study, the researchers observed the brain activity and the physiological state. They also measured the rate of breathing, the heart rate, and the blood pressure. It was concluded that the song ‘’Weightless’’ by the British band Marconi Union had the most relaxing effect.

Then, Marconi Union collaborated with the British Academy of Sound Therapy to arrange harmonies, calming beat, and relaxing rhythms which turned out to reduce the participant’s heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormones.

Because of these positive but yet strong effects, Dr. Lewis-Hodgson says that you shouldn’t listen to this song when you are driving.

You shouldn’t disregard the problem with chronic anxiety, because it affects both your physical and mental health and it can lead to depression, obesity, and heart disease.

Music is the best cure to relieve stress and tension in these modern times. Whenever you feel stressed out or depressed, play this beautiful song end enjoy the amazing effect.

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