Looks Just Like Ladybug but It’s Much More Dangerous! Here’s What You Must Do If You See It:

Ladybugs are harmless and beneficial insects and kids are the ones who especially love them. But, did you know that there is another insect very similar to ladybug, that is actually very dangerous? They are called Asian lady beetles. One can never tell the difference between them.

Many residents in Central Texas confirm that Asian lady beetles bite and feed on humans. Dr. Alex Wild, an entomologist, explains that they have a habit of tasting things when they land on them.

These bugs were originally brought to the United States in the 1960s in order to help with pest control efforts. But, at the moment, they cannot be controlled and have infiltrated the homes of the citizens of Texas. They can seriously damage your property. These Asian lady beetles can be a real menace, so you need to keep them away from your home.

How to recognize them? Their colors range from orange to red, with dark spots on their wing covers. They also have dark M, which can be noticed on their neck area. During the summer, they settle in yards and other green areas. During the fall and winter, they migrate to warmer areas. Therefore, they can often be found in homes and buildings.

Asian lady beetles are attracted to bright and illuminated surfaces, so buildings located near the woods, are most exposed to them. They are also attracted to contrasting colors.

When they are disturbed, these Asian insects release an acidic yellow secretion. It is almost impossible to remove from clothes or other surfaces, so don’t squish them. In case you come into contact with an Asian lady beetle, don’t touch your eyes, in order to avoid allergic reaction.

Pay special attention if you have dogs. There was a case when a dog in Kansas started behaving strangely. His owner noticed that his dog started foaming at the mouth, and he immediately took his pet to the vet. The vet concluded that the dog was sleeping more and skipping meals, because 30-40 Asian lady beetles were hanging off the roof of the dog’s mouth.

How can you get rid of them?


The best solution is a vacuum. If you decide to release the bugs back into the wild, you should put a handkerchief between the vacuum hose and the dust collection bag. You can also use a broom, but you don’t want that yellow secretion and odor everywhere.

Seal entry points

This is the most effective preventive measure. By sealing cracks and openings in the late spring and summer, these annoying bugs will not infest your home. Make sure you check your windows, doors, pipes and wires.

If you don’t find these methods useful, call your local pest control company. Do this before winter, as this is the period when these nasty pests begin to infest homes.

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