How to Lower Hemoglobin Level in Your Blood

Your blood is red due to the presence of hemoglobin. It is a type of protein found in the red blood cells (RBC) whose principal role is to carry oxygen molecules. You have probably heard that having low hemoglobin leads to anemia. Hence, keeping the level of hemoglobin normal by consuming more foods that contain iron and vitamin C is very important. But elevated hemoglobin can also be a problem.

There are several reasons which result in high hemoglobin. Some of them are smoking, dehydration and residing at high attitudes. Taking anabolic steroids for bodybuilding is also a risk factor. Health conditions like congenial heart disease and polycythemia vera may increase the range of hemoglobin.

If the level of this red protein is not at a normal level many complications can occur. One of the most serious ones is increased blood viscosity. The blood is abnormally thick, hence the delivery of oxygen molecules to the tissues is impeded as a consequence of its negative impact on microcirculation. The same problems appear with both low and high hemoglobin.

There are a few ways to which will help you stabilize the level of hemoglobin. Try these ones:

– Quit smoking

Logically, smoking cigarettes keeps you from getting enough oxygen and it’s the body’s way to compensate with producing more hemoglobin.

– Move to a low altitude place

As we already mentioned, one of the reasons of having extra hemoglobin is living in high altitudes. This is normal, because there’s lower oxygen level up there, and this forces your body to produce more hemoglobin. Of course this is not the only solution, but it works.

– Drink a lot of water

When dehydrated, your blood thickens, and has the tendency to end up in higher range of hemoglobin.

– Reduce the intake of food which contains iron

Iron supports and promotes the production of more hemoglobin, so be careful with consuming with the following foods: beef, lamb, liver, nuts, seeds and dark chocolate. You should also quit taking iron supplements and multivitamins that contain iron.

– Avoid iron cookware

Some of the iron content of your iron cookware may actually leach into your food whenever you use it for whipping up your meals. So, switch to cookware out of other materials if you want to lower your hemoglobin.

– Reduce your intake of vitamin C

Vitamin C has nothing to do with the body’s production of hemoglobin. But, this nutrient helps promote the absorption of iron. So be careful with taking citrus fruits and other sources of vitamin C. Also, try to quit taking supplements or multivitamins which contain it.

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