Lower your Sugar, Fat and Cholesterol!

Nature is the biggest source of health remedies. Forget about the ineffective diets and harmful prescription pills. Make nature your own doctor.

You probably hear medical advices of what is healthy and what is not, but you still might be eating food that is harmful for your health. You don’t have to eliminate proteins, carbs and plant fat completely, but you need to bring the intake junk food to a minimum. Remember that your body doesn’t need junk and processed food which is even called ‘’fake food.’’ Every food loaded with preservatives, chemicals, sodium, artificial colors, and the worst of them, processed sugar cause addiction and have a very bad impact on your body. Many people don’t associate their diet with their health. They need to understand that they are closely related. It’s high time you make some essential changes in your nourishment.

It is important for you to change your habits and cravings. Think that you can do it, have a strong will for that, and be persistent. Let health be your motivation. Now, read carefully. You don’t have to deprive yourself of food cravings. The secret is in diverting them. Think about this theory: It is our mind that creates our cravings, but in the same way it can also destroy them. You are the one who turns the food into your drug, and the consequence of this condition is high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, and obesity. At first, you may not even notice these problems.

If you are addicted to white sugar, substitute it with cane sugar, honey, fruit syrups, stevia, coconut sugar, muscovado, agave syrup. If you turn to pears, apples, oranges, coconuts, bananas, berries would be even better. Those people who crave for fatty food like fast food, pastry, and cakes, should try leaner pork, beef, chicken, fish, sweet potato, avocado, and luscious fruits instead.

If carbs are your favorites, try consuming gluten-free flatbreads, sweet and regular potatoes, lentils, brown, red, and black rice. Also, eat vegetables as much as you can, raw or half raw.

There is something even much worse than sugary foods. You will not believe it when you find out that sugary drinks can cause much more serious addiction and weight gain. Try healthier alternative like cocktail mixes instead. These ingredients are the most preferable: cucumber and ginger, lemon, apples, and apple cider vinegar. These delicious cocktails will boost your metabolism.

To increase your energy levels, combine oranges, pear or apple, ginger with some honey and plants like tarragon, mint or rosemary. While kale, beet, green apple, ginger, carrots, and lemon or apple cider vinegar will significantly improve digestion.

Coconut milk is one of the most delicious drinks. It is also very beneficial. Combine it with cinnamon, vanilla, black pepper, bit of clove, and some natural sweetener like honey and you’ve got yourself a spiced milk tea with extraordinary taste. It will make you feel fuller and you won’t have the need for junk food.

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