This Man has 13 Pregnant Wives – Unbelievable

This story about a man who has 13 pregnant wives is incredible. A synonym for breaking the world record is definitely this man.

He managed breaking the record in just one day, by marrying 13 women, can you believe that? How is that possible? Well, it turns out that it is. What is even more shocking is that he impregnated them all within a period of one month.

Currently, they are in all in good health. During their pregnancy, they get along pretty good.

This is the first case in the human history. These women are wonderful. Each woman has a high opinion of the other, and they take care of each other. They function as one big family, and every woman relies on the other. You can only admire them on the way how they look after one another. There is definitely no similar case like this one.

In certain countries, being married to more than one women is legal. Believe it or not, this man married 13 women and it is absolutely not a crime. Here’s one interesting question: How is he going to live with his 13 pregnant wives?

If you thought that the interesting news stops here, you thought wrong. Entertainingly enough, the gap between each pregnancy is between three to five weeks.

Is this really happening? Having a house full of pregnant women is hard to imagine. We wish them happiness, both to the babies and the future mommies.

What do you think?

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