A Man Treated Diabetes Type 2 Without Medicine by Drinking Only This Every Day

This story deserves to be shared with people around the world, since diabetes has become a common problem. It is about a man who by consuming raw vegetables and fruits improved his overall health condition.

To be specific, he says that he discovered his disease by accident, when he started feeling thirst almost all the time. He decided to pay a visit to his doctor and he was shocked when he found out that his sugar levels were 29. But, unfortunately, that wasn’t all. The doctor told him that his pancreas was in a really bad shape, almost not functioning. For that reason, he needed to be dependent on insulin for the rest of his life. Having no other choice, he had to start his insulin therapy on a daily basis. He was forced to take other medications too.

However, through time, his health condition was only getting worse. The drugs he was taking, caused side-effects such as increased triglycerides to 16 and his blood pressure to 150/100. The diabetes was worse than ever.

For that reason, he decided to bring his health to a completely new level. This commitment came as a result of having watched the TV show The Edge of Science. In this show, Dr. John Zirdum, described the advantages of eating raw foods. He also supported his statement by confirming that he had been consuming them for 12 years and felt their amazing benefits.

After hearing this the man bought a blender, and started his mission of healthy life by consuming nothing but raw fruits and vegetables. At first, he craved for food, but eventually he succeeded in suppressing After several days of leading this way of living, the results were unbelievable. His blood sugar levels fell down to 5!He turned into a completely healthy person with normal blood sugar level.

Therefore, he quit the insulin therapy and turned completely to his fruit-and-vegetable diet. His blood sugar was entirely stabilized, he lost weight, and his general health condition was ameliorated.

After one month, his triglycerides fell down to 1.4., and his blood pressure was put back under control, 120/70. He never used pills and chemical medication again.
Here’s the recipe for his favorite drink that repaired his life:


– 2 kiwis
– 2 apples
– 5 bananas
– A handful of kale


1. Mix all these ingredients.
2. Then add ½ l. of water over them.
3. Consume half a liter in the morning and the rest during the day.
No wonder that this ultra healthy natural juice became an inevitable part of his life.

Make sure to consume only raw and fresh fruits and vegetables. Feel free to add tuna in your healthy diet, since it is rich in B12 essentials.
Practice this routine daily since the number of people who have tried it and convinced themselves in its benefits, has been significantly increased.

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