McDonald’s French Fries Found to Contain Silly Putty and Toxic Petroleum Chemical

Host of the eye-opening show Myth busters, Grant Imahara, was at it again. The difference between the previous time and this time, he didn’t set out to get involved with explosives and crash test dummies, but he focused McDonald’s French fries.

Natural News warned about the things found listed in the fries ingredients, hydrogenated soybean oil, tertiary butyl hydroquinone (TBHQ – a petroleum-based chemical), and dimethyl poly siloxane (a type of silicone).

Now, you will probably say: Those are things are bad for you, but the real food is also bad for you!

Let’s focus on something that is really important:

McDonald’s fries are bad for you. Shocking!

There are some ingredients in McDonald’s fries that aren’t food products. Shocking!

You shouldn’t consume silicone.

Also with TBHQ.

Unfortunately, these things are in McDonald’s French fries.

Don’t eat McDonald’s fries!

These chemicals that are bad for your health. You should be aware what you consume, because all these chemicals are not natural, and are usually found in Silly Putty and added to resins, and they can cause some heart problems. Don’t eat harmful French fries from McDonalds’s and from other fast food restaurants. Consume healthy food and improve your overall health.

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