Natural Homemade Detergents That Will Make Your Clothes Pure White and Stainless

Many people have problems with stubborn wine or food stains on their favorite clothes. Some of them waste a lot of money to solve this problem, but still, they don’t get the desired results. They buy expensive detergents or stain cleaners to wash off those stains, but unfortunately, high price doesn’t always guarantee for their effectiveness.

Sometimes even the most popular stain cleaners can solve the problem with the stains. You just wash it off over and over again, and at the end, you should throw that piece of cloth together with the stubborn stain.

But don’t worry, there are few natural ingredients which are powerful enough to remove that stain from your white clothes.

Moreover, the ingredients are completely natural.

Today, we present you the best natural ways to clean your white clothes and remove those annoying stubborn stains.

Baking Soda

Make a solution of 4 liters of water and one cup of baking soda, and soak your clothes in it. Wait for few minutes and you’ll notice they recover their original color.


A solution of water and aspirins is a great way to restore the white color of your clothes and to remove stubborn wine and food stain.

Take a bowl of water and crush 6 aspirins in it. Then, just soak your clothes for about 30 minutes. Then wash them with your favorite detergent. You will see that the clothes will be as white as new.

Vinegar and Lemon

You can also clean your white clothes and remove the stubborn stains by using some lemon juice and vinegar. It is simple as it sounds. Just mix them in 1:1 ratio, and use it to wash your clothes. You will be surprised by the results.

It’ll restore the white color, will remove the stains and your clothes will smell fresh.

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