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    The 5 stages of motivation in any weight-loss process

    How many of you failed with your weight loss plan? Since you are here, it means that most likely – all of you. Why is that you may wonder – what is wrong with you? Well, worry not- you are not the only one, and there is nothing wrong with you. The thing is that […] More

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    10 common foods that work as natural skincare products

    Today, there are a lot of trends in beauty industry, but the main thing is always the same – healthy radiant skin, which is really available to everyone without exception. Cosmetic companies offer a large selection of all kinds of creams, serums, lotions, masks and tonics. However, it is very easy to get lost and […] More

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    9 ways to keep hair beautiful and healthy all year round

    A beautiful face and a slender figure are not all the components of female attractiveness. Hair has always been an important part of the appearance of a real woman: if you conduct an occasional survey among men, the vast majority of them will say that beautiful and healthy hair plays a very important role. Various […] More

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    10 hormones that are making women gain weight “for no reason”

    You probably know people, who blame hormones, genetic predisposition and bad environment in their excessive weight. Or are you one of them? In reality, the reason is often about our dietary choices, lack of exercises and unhealthy habits. So, if you drink alcohol cocktails every day, “visit” your fridge at night and sit in the […] More

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    9 symptoms of gluten intolerance that can make people’s lives miserable

    Gluten intolerance can be a cruel, as it makes you limit the consumption of many delicious products such as, cakes, bagels, white bread, pasta, pizza and cookies. In order words, gluten can be found in wheat, rye, and barley. The amount of people who limit the consumption of gluten increases day by day. Some people […] More

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    9 Indian recipes to lose weight without any workouts

    It is true that these days most of us lead quite busy ways of lives. However, the fact that we are busy does not necessarily mean that we are physically active. The thing is that with all the sedentary types of works, vehicles at hand and lots of tasty unhealthy food it is oh so […] More

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    What makes a man happy according to his zodiac sign

    In the arsenal of women’s means of conquering men, there are many different ways. Which one to choose, so that this particular person falls in love with you? How can you make him happy? Of course, it’s best if you feel it intuitively. And what to do if your intuition is silent? Well, in love, […] More

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    Unbalanced or extreme workouts can lead to thyroid disfunction

    Perhaps it is difficult to find a person today who does not know that the thyroid gland is responsible for metabolic processes in the body, and therefore a violation of its functioning inevitably leads to a number of diseases. It starts with the usual malaise, apathy, frequent headaches, and then the disease takes the form […] More

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    Germs in the lungs or airways: how deadly is aspiration pneumonia?

    Pneumonia is rather serious condition, which occurs when germs enter the lungs and become infected. In some cases, food, saliva, vomit or stomach acid may travel into the respiratory organs, instead of being swallowed. Normally, cough and gag reflex help prevent aspiration of all these stuff. But in those, who have problems with defensive mechanisms, […] More

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    14 ways to use onions in treating and preventing health issues

    Onion is the most underrated food ingredient present in your kitchen. You can use it in various dishes or eat it in a salad, but the medicinal benefits of onions remain unexplored. Everyone knows that the onion is useful. In general, we perceive it as a kind of anti-catarrhal property, while in reality it is […] More

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