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    Have you ever experienced sleep paralyses? Then, you must read this…

    If you are one of those who have experienced waking up at night, unable to move any part of the body, means that you have experienced a condition called sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis can happen when you pass hypnopompic and hypnagogic stage, or in other words the stages of sleep and wakefulness. The first stage […] More

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    9 Signs That You Are Protein Deficient

    Protein is considered to be one of the most important nutrients for your body. Your body uses protein to repair and build tissue. Eating protein-rich foods as a part of your healthy diet is very important because protein is crucial for boosting your metabolism and for your muscle development. The following symptoms indicate that your […] More

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    Seven plants that can attract positive energy in your office and home

    Rosemary This is a herb that encourages lust and attracts lust, has properties of purification and protection, and can help in the process of healing. It also improves your mood and memory. Besides a fresh rosemary plant at home, it is also recommended to place a couple of sprigs of rosemary in cloth bags, and […] More

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    Foods that will protect your heart and unclog your arteries

    Did you know that the food that you eat can affect your overall heart health? Depending on the choices that you make regarding food, you can either raise or lower your chances of developing heart-related problems. The researchers have discovered which foods can help you prevent cardiovascular issues, which include strokes and heart attacks. In […] More

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    Foods that you need to avoid if you have high blood pressure

    There are around 85 million people in the U.S. alone that are suffering from hypertension. High blood pressure, also known as hypertension, increases the risk of heart disease, stroke and ultimately death. That is the reason why it needs to be contained and treated properly, and on time. This is a health problem that can […] More

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