Palm Reading Guide: What The Lines On Your Hand Say About Your Personality

It is believed that the lines on the palms of a person are a kind of a map that can tell a lot about person’s personality and character, and sometimes even predict his fate. The science of palmistry has been studying all these various lines and signs for many years.

Of course, you can not believe in all this, but as practice shows, the characteristic that professionals make is very accurate. Now, you will have a wonderful opportunity to learn a little more about yourself and about your partner, just looking at the line in the palm.

The hands of a person can tell how he behaves when he is in love. They will not be deceived and will give more reliable information than their owner. So, put your palms together, as it is shown in the picture, and pay attention to this little detail:

#1. Lines at the same level. If your partner is the owner of the palms with lines of love at the same level, then you are lucky. He has serious intentions, and he prefers a permanent and long relationship. He is rational and does not like abrupt changes in life. This is a sensible person with a gentle character, who values the opinion of others.

#2. The line on the left hand is lower. This person prefers an older partner, and is wiser than his real age. The owner of such palms is good in love, romantic and independent of social order. He often listens to his intuition, which rarely deceives him.

#3. The line on the left hand is higher. This person does not hurry to start a serious relationship, love for him is not a guarantee of happiness. However, when he dares, he will certainly choose a person younger than he is or even of another nationality.

He loves by his eyes, he is confident in himself and in his strength. This is a single-minded, independent person who easily copes with difficulties on his way.

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