People With RH Negative Blood Type Are Be Aliens

Latest studies showed that people with RH negative blood type are missing the Rhesus factor. Rhesus factor is a protein substance found in the red blood cells of humans.

Some theories suggest that people with Rhesus negative blood type may be aliens.

Others theories suggest that they are fallen angels from the heavens or that they belong to an alien race from the space.

What is obvious is that people who have with RH negative blood type are unique and different from the others.

An individual who has RH negative O blood can serve as a donor to any person. But if they need blood, they can only accept their own blood type.

Only 15% of the world population has RH negative blood type and they are mostly from northern Europe.

Truth Theory reports:

There are four different blood types A, B, AB and O. The differences between them are in the proteins in the blood, but when we talk about RH negative blood types, they don’t have these proteins.

The biggest question on the minds of scientists is where this group of people comes from. Some scientists think that the blood type is linked to specific group and tribes from the past. Europeans have the greatest incidence of this blood type, but only 3 percent of African-Americans have it, and only 1 percent of Asian people have it.

People with this blood type have a higher IQ, a lower body temperature, more emotional and physical awareness, red hair, they are sensitive to heat, and usually have green, blue or hazel colored eyes.

This blood type is even more mysterious when we look at pregnant women. RH negative women who are pregnant have difficulty delivering a baby with an RH positive blood type, because their bodies naturally attack the fetus. That’s why, they are given a special sterilized solution. (Anti-D or RHo (D) immunoglobulin)

But, why would the woman’s body attack the baby it’s been helping give life to?

Some theories suggest that it is possible alien life has influenced this blood type. What’s even mysterious is that almost every person who has reported being abducted by aliens has the RH negative blood type.

There is a big possibility that aliens have visited our planet for centuries, and somehow tooled around with the genetics of mankind. History from all over the world has already shown, through ancient depictions and texts, that the Earth has been visited by creatures from another planet.

What is your opinion about the blood type that is missing a crucial link to evolutionary humans? Is it possible that some of us have alien blood running through the veins?

What do you think?

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