Place A Piece Of Onion In Your Ear During The Night, And In The Morning… You’ll Be Surprised What Will Happen!

Winter is the coldest season and comes together with cold and flu. When we have symptoms of cold or flu, we immediately take medical drugs. But natural remedies are more effective for treating cold and influenza.

During the fall and winter, temperature changes and as a result, there is a rapid increase in viruses and microbial concentration in the air. If you feel any symptoms of cold or fly, just put one little piece of onion in your socks or in your ear, and will be surprised by the results. Onion helps in the battle against many diseases.

Continue reading and learn how onion can help you fight against different illnesses.

Great remedy for a cough

This remedy is better than any syrup. Maybe you don’t like the smell, but you will feel much better.

Remedy against fever

If you have children who suffer from colds very often, you should definitely try this home remedy. Cut onion into slices and put the slices in the socks. You can also add some apple vinegar on the socks.

Against all cold symptoms

If you have cold symptoms, prepare onion tea and drink it. You will notice the difference very soon.

Onion has anti-inflammatory properties, so you can get rid of ear pain caused by infection. Use the middle part of the onion and put it in your ear and then wait for few hours. It will soften the ear wax. For best results, you should leave the onion in your ear while you sleep during the night.

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