What Your Poop Says About Your Health

Have you ever heard that poop can save your life because it can tell you a lot about your general heath? That’s why many experts advise that you should look what you are flushing in the toilet.

Your body eliminates the waste every day. So, the poop is nothing more but the leftover form the food after your metabolism has absorbed all of the necessary nutrients.

– If you want to know what is happening inside your body, you should pay attention on the color and smell of your poop. It sounds strange, but it is true.

– If you go to the toilet a couple of times a day and a soft blobs have clear-cut edges, then it is normal.

– If notice that your poop has a sticky and soft texture, it means that your body is unable to absorb the fats form the foods. This is usually connected to pancreas problems.

– If you notice that your poop is sausage- shaped than you shouldn’t worry because it is normal. But if you notice cracks on the surface of your poop, your body tells you that you should increase the amounts of water.

– Lumpy, sausage- shaped poop is also considered as normal, but you should increase the amounts of water and fiber intake.

– Fluffy and mushy pieces with ragged edges is the edge between diarrhea and normal. This may be a sign of an infection, so visit your specialist and increase the intake of liquids.

– If you notice separate, hard nuts, it means that your body needs water and fibers. Drink water and consume more vegetables and fruits.

– Runny poop means diarrhea. Diarrhea can indicate infections in your body. Diarrhea will make you lose lots of liquids, so drink more water.

– Soft and smooth poop means that you are healthy.

The color of your poop can also tell a lot about your general health

– Black color poop- you must visit your specialist, because this means that something is wrong. It can be a sign of internal bleed that can be caused by ulcers or cancer.

– Brown color poop- don’t worry. This means that you are healthy.

– Yellow color poop- this indicates excess fat.

– Red color or blood stained poop- visit your specialist as soon as possible.

– Green color poop- Don’t worry. This is a sign that you have eaten too much leafy green vegetables and your food is moving to quick through the large intestine.

– Light- colored, white or clay- colored poop- this means bile duct obstruction or you are taking some medications. To be sure visit your doctor.

You shouldn’t ignore the color and the smell of your poop, because they can save your life. Consume more fiber, drink a lot of water and your poop will be healthy.

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