Most Popular Tea Bags Contain Illegal Amounts of Deadly Pesticides (avoid these brands at all costs)

Pesticides are useful when we are talking about destroying pests that are harmful to crops, but they are serious threat to people’s health. But as much as we are trying to avoid them , it seems like they are everywhere. These toxic substances are sprayed in school playgrounds and public parks, and even they can be found in many products in grocery stores.

No matter how thoroughly we wash the fruits and vegetables and insist on buying them organic, the pesticides still find a way to creep into our homes. The newest discovery showed that extremely high levels of these harmful substances were found in the worldwide popular tea brands like Twinings, Lipton and Tetley.

Here’s the full list of teas that contain pesticides, based on the CBS News investigation method on pesticide levels. They carried out their testing of the pesticide residue on the dry tea leaves in an accredited lab.

• Twinings
• Tetley
• Red Rose
• Lipton (Pure Green Tea and Yellow Label Black Tea)
• King Cole
• Signal
• Uncle’s Lee’s Legends of China (Green Tea and Jasmine Green Tea)
• No Name

The investigation showed that more than half of the teas that were examined, contained illegal pesticide traces, above the permitted limit. What is more, one of these teas was found to have over 22 different kinds of these chemicals.

Endosulfan and monocrothopos are pesticides which were banned in several countries, proven to endanger human health. The very same dangerous chemicals were found in the examined teas.

List of teas extremely high in pesticide:

• Uncle Lee’s Legends of China (Green Tea)

In this tea were found 20 different types of pesticides. One of them was endosulfan. The side-effects of this chemical are tremors and negative influence on the nervous system. There are cases in which its consumption finished fatally.

• No Name

It doesn’t contain 20 different types of pesticides, but still its pesticide content of 10 discovered types of chemicals make it dangerous as well.

• King Cole

In this tea brand was found monocrotophos, a chemical described to cause irregular heartbeat and involuntary defecation, as well as to induce comas.

James O’Young, the vice president of Uncle Lee’s Legends of China, reacted in defense of his tea, saying that their tea is not the only one that contains pesticide. Furthermore, he said that all teas contain pesticides.

But, he forgot to mention that the CBS’s investigation found that one brand, out of ten brands being analyzed, actually turned out to be pesticide free. That brand was Red Rose. So, cultivating tea without any pesticide residues in fact is possible.

Therefore, support the companies which produce teas with little to no pesticides and buy from those brands exclusively.

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