Protect yourself from someone else’s negative energy: 5 important rules

Learning not to absorb the negative energy of the surrounding people is really a great spiritual skill. Empathy is the ability to recognize and to feel the emotions of other people. Sympathy is a feeling of compassion for other people.

Often being empathic means that you absorb most of the pain and suffering of other people, and this can negatively affect you. If you have been in a room with a negative person, you know how toxic energy can be.

It is difficult to deal with negative people who are mired in their problems and can not focus on their solutions. You should find out how not to absorb the negative energy of other people. This will make you much happier in your life. Here are 5 ways to protect yourself from the bad influence of other people:

#1. Remember that you can not please everyone. There always will be people who want more from you that you actually can give. You should not feel sorry for this. Just give as much as you can, real friends will appreciate this.

#2. Invite other people into your life very carefully. Do you want people to leave some bad traces in your inner world? Surround yourself with good, kind people, after communication with whom you will get pleasant emotions. You feel people with pleasant energy, and people should do the same.

#3. Stop paying attention to the assholes. Some people are energetic vampires, do not feed them with your energy. Pay more attention to your life, your needs and you will see changes. People who are not worthy will leave your life.

#4. Breathe in nature. Spending more time outdoors can help you. You will get energy from nature and become stronger.

#5. Take on 100% responsibility for your thoughts and emotions. Try to change your perception of yourself and of other people. Control your emotions, do not let them guide your life.

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