Put an End to Your Back Pain in 7 Minutes with These 7 Stretches

Back pain is one of the leading health problems worldwide. There may be many reasons which make this condition occur. Your long hours of hard work, playing with your kids, exercising and aging may result in back pain. You could think that when it comes to aging and its consequences, this pain is a normal thing to happen.

But why seeing this problem as something normal when we have a solution for you. The following stretches will take only 7 minutes of your time and instant relief is guaranteed .

1. Forward Bend

This stretch is recommended if you feel extra pressure in your back. For this exercise you will need a chair put in front of you, in a position so that it reaches hip height. Next you should do is placing your hands on it and back up slightly. Try to bend slowly, and at the same time allow your head to drop between your arms and your back to angle down. Hold this position for 1 minute.

2. Hip Flexor Lunge

Surprisingly enough, tight hips can often cause pain in the back. So, this exercise has the purpose to stretch them out effectively. Step your right foot forward and lower the left knee to the floor in a lunge posture. You should pull your left leg far back. After holding for 30 seconds turn back to the standing position. Go through the same practice, this time on the other side and again holding for half minute.

3. Quad Stretch

If you haven’t stretched in the proper way, your quads (quadriceps), will probably transfer the tension to your back.

The instructions for this exercise are:

– Lay on the ground on your right side.
– Bend your knee, so allowing your knees touching.
– Use your left hand to reach back.
– Grab you left ankle by pulling up in order to stretch your quad.
– The complete exercise lasts one minute so make this stretch for 30 seconds on each side.

4. Knee to Chest Stretch

This exercise is very simple. First, lay on your back stretch your legs completely. Bend your right knee and put the hands on your calf. Pull the knee closer to your chest and stay in that position for 30 seconds. Then, put the right leg back in its initial position. Repeat this practice with the other side.

5. Supine Twist

This twist is an ideal solution for you if you have severe lower back pain. Lay on your back with both knees bent and placed on the floor. Cross the right leg over the left one. Then drop both legs to the left side. Now you should turn to the other side and look out to the right. Go back to the primary position and repeat this twist on the other side as well.

6. Hamstring Stretch

Lay on the back, bending the right knee and pressing the right foot into the floor. Place your hands on the back of your leg, holding tightly above the knee. Try to lift the left leg as high as you possible, and stay in that position for 30 seconds. Once you bring you left leg down, turn to the position from the beginning of the exercise and do it again on the other side.

7. Figure Four Stretch

For this exercise, return to a prone position on your back. The right knee should be bent and the right foot placed flat on the floor. Then, lift the left knee moving it close to your chest and drape the ankle across your knee. As doing this, allow your left knee fall out to the side. As in the other 6 stretches that we have presented to you, the holding is 30 seconds and repeating the same practice on the other side for another half minute.

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