Why Should You Put Onions In Your Socks Before Going To Bed?

Many people don’t like onions because of their strong smell. But, this ingredient offers a number of healthy benefits and one you hear about this healing method you will always have it in your kitchen.

Health Benefits Of Onions

  •  Onions contain phytochemicals and high amount of vitamin C, which are necessary for proper functioning of your immune system.
  • The chromium in onions regulates the blood sugar.
  • They have powerful healing properties and reduce inflammation.
  • Raw onion protects your heart and it brings down the bad cholesterol.
  • Quercetin, a compound found in onions, helps in the prevention of cancer.
  • Onion juice is also very beneficial. It helps with relieving the pain and burning sensation after a honey bee sting.
  • Onions reduce the risk of gastric ulcers.
  • Use the bright green tops of green onions more often, because they are high in vitamin A.
  • Its potent antibacterial and antiviral potential destroy bacteria and germs.

Why putting onions in socks is good for you?

Have you ever imagined that in this way you will detoxify your body? You probably haven’t.

This vegetable is also described as air purifier, so by applying it topically, all bacteria and germs will be destroyed.

Its phosphoric acid will go through your bloodstream, cleanse your blood, and destroy any bacteria and germs, which are the major factors for catching the flu. Therefore you should put onion slices at the bottom of your feet. This area of the foots has meridians, or in other words access points, which are directly related to your internal organs. The meridians function as pathways to the nervous system and your internal organs.

Walk barefoot as much as possible, because wearing shoes makes your meridians inactive.


Chop organic slices into slices. Make sure you cut flat circles in order to form a platform to your entire feet. After that, put one large slice on the bottom of each foot. Use socks to fasten them. Do this procedure before you go to sleep, so the onions can do its effects overnight.

What Are the Benefits Of This Method?

  • Germs and bacteria will be effectively destroyed.
  •  It will cleanse your blood and it will improve your blood circulation.
  •  Air purification.

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