Put This In The Corners Of Your House And The Next Day The Cockroaches Will Be Dead!

Cockroaches are horrible insects or better-said pests that run in houses, especially in the dark, wet and warm areas. These insects and feeding by hunting and spread dangerous diseases.

There are many methods which can help you get rid of the cockroaches, but all of the products produced to destroy these insects are packed with toxic chemicals. These chemicals are harmful to cockroaches but they are also dangerous for your and the health of your children.

Today we offer you a completely natural mixture that is 100% harmless for you, your family and your pets, but is very effective and will help you get rid of the cockroaches immediately.

All you need is:

  • 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 1 onion


Take a mid-size onion and chop it. Then add the baking soda. Place the baking soda and onion mixture in the corners of your house, in the bathroom and in the kitchen. Very soon you will notice dead cockroaches on these places. Repeat this method every day and you will successfully get rid of these disgusting insects– forever!

NOTE: Can a cockroach hurt you?

While they do not bite they hide and live in areas that harbor dangerous bacteria, such as dumpsters, drains, and bathrooms. The American cockroach carries the bacteria on their body and can easily infect your food or areas where food is prepared.

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