REINCARNATION: Here Are 10 Signs Your Soul Has Reincarnated!

We will probably never be able to understand this paranormal occurrence thoroughly. It is regarded to be both philosophical and religious concept that the soul continues to live in a different physical body of form after each biological death. Religions, principally Hinduism, supports the belief of rebirth and transmigration, as part of the so called cyclic existence. What happens after death in non-scientific terms remains the biggest mystery in the world. If you have ever felt that you’ve had few lives on Earth, or you you’ve been through déjà vu situations that you can’t explain rationally, your soul has probably been reincarnated. Here are other strange signs and feelings that are related to reincarnation.

1. You have powerful intuition

People whose soul has been reincarnated are able to understand things before everyone else does. Their thinking is deep and they can predict things before they actually happen. Being so intuitive, they are capable of connecting to other dimensions and unknown worlds. They can even establish a communication with beings from other planets and galaxies. They also spend a lot of time in solitude over thinking, trying to figure out what is happening with them.

2. You experience déjà vu

If you have been through that strange feeling of considering some particular event or situation as familiar, even though it’s the first time you are experiencing, it means that you have been reincarnated. You are not able to explain how certain things look like you’ve seen them before but you don’t know where. This probably points to the situation of being in another body that has seen those things.

3. You are hyper sensitive

People whose souls have been reincarnated, are exceptionally sensitive and developed sense of empathy. They are filled with emotions, and want to bring peace and revival to the world. They have troubles trying to manage the clashed and unbalanced energies of the world. Therefore they need time to recover themselves and do inner soul work. People with emphasized empathy, don’t like crowded and noisy places and being surrounded by many people. They avoid such situations as much as they can.

4. You feel out of place

Reincarnated souls can be called wanderers. They often try to find their ideal place for living, but it seems like they can never find it. They experience a sense of not belonging, and their thoughts are mystified , which sometimes confuses them. They don’t want to be part of everyday typical activities. They prefer being alone, laying under the stars, and making thorough reflecting on life.
They will never dealt with things that don’t have particular meaning to them. It seems like the whole world is small for them not succeeding to find place that would suit them.

5. You want to discover faraway places

You are feeling a strong sensation in your heart that forces you to go and discover every place on Earth. This is due to the feeling that you may have memories of a particular country or city of your past life. Therefore, that driving force inside of you makes you a wanderer and nomad, trying to see those specific country and city again. Don’t delay your soul mission. Try to find as much as you can about yourself and your soul. If something deep in your heart urges you to do something, do it.

6. You want to be part of meaningful discussions and deep conversations

Small talk doesn’t interest you at all. Unquestionably, you have an insatiable desire for deep and real connections with people, for discussions which last for hours, without losing energy. On the contrary, you get tired with conversations about gossip, jobs, and similar superficial themes. You enjoy in having much more complex topics such as on the universe, art, history, science, philosophy, nature and other meaningful things having some purpose.

7. You definitely have memories of past lives

Those impressions come to you through your dreams, a song on the radio, a line in a book, or through some other mysterious occurrence. However, you can’t remember these events from today’s perspective, but you have a strong feeling that they really happened, you have them inside of you. Children actually, can recall more about their previous experiences, since they have recently come from a past reincarnation.

8. You are not being close to your parents

Of course that you love them the most, but you have the feeling of being the black sheep in your family. You don’t have a deep relationship with your family, and again the sense of not belonging there is present. You may even have dreams about having other mom and dad, and having met them in the past. This might be a sign that you had those parents from your dreams as real in your previous life. Vivid memories and visions are often one of the most certain indicators that your soul has been reincarnated.

9. You need alone time

As we stated previously, this shallow and at times meaningless world , tires you and you need time to recharge yourself. You spent hours of contemplating about the true value of life. Dealing with all those mistakes that society makes, stresses you and you need some space to find balance. Then, your favorite escape is nature, far away from technology and people that cause you frustrations.

10. You have fears that seem unbelievably real

Our current worries or even certain phobias, may signify that you have experienced them in your previous life. For example, a fear of water may indicate that you drowned in the previous life. The best solution to this situation is to face your fears and impede your soul from having them over and over again. If not, your soul will continue reincarnating on this planet, until you conquer your scare.

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