Researchers Claim: Brazil Nut Reduces Cholesterol Better Than Prescribed Statins!

Numerous of people around the world have increased cholesterol levels. Doctors always advise them to use statins for this condition, but statins have many bad side effects, including digestive problems, liver damage, confusion, muscle pain, and memory loss.

Luckily, researchers have recently discovered a more effective and completely natural way to lower cholesterol levels, which doesn’t cause any side-effects.

For the purposes of the research, 10 women and men received a single meal containing 0, 1, 4, or 8 Brazil nuts. This a single serving immediately improved the cholesterol levels, and after 9 hours, the cholesterol levels were significantly reduced.

As a comparison, statins need 4 hours to provide a significant effect.

30 days later, researchers measured their cholesterol levels, and found out that their cholesterol levels were still lower! Amazing!

Moreover, the researchers found that four nuts worked faster than eight nuts in increasing good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol. So, they concluded that 4 Brazil nuts are enough to improve LDL and HDL levels for up to 30 days.

As you already know, Brazil nuts are rich in selenium. 4 Brazil nuts daily are too much, but 4 nuts a month are an adequate dosage if you want to regulate cholesterol levels.

Watch the following video and learn more about the consumption of Brazil nuts in the treatment of increased cholesterol levels:

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