Revolutionary Discovery: Goodbye Dental Implants, Grow Your Own Teeth In Just 9 Weeks!

Nowadays, we can see how the dental medicine has been significantly improved. Although, the loss of teeth remains to be one of the biggest stomatological problems. This process can be a result of few reasons such as some disease, like dental avulsion, tooth decay, gum disease, or injury. As you all probably know, dentists use dental implants, which replace the tooth roots. But you won’t believe the newest discovery related to this issue. A group of experts in the field of dentistry, revealed a remarkable discovery, which will give the chance of growing completely new teeth. Dr. Jeremy Mao, from the Columbia University, is responsible for this incredible revelation.

What he did was creating a teeth scaffold, which contained the stem cells in the body. As a matter of fact, he provoked new teeth regeneration. Explained further, he used their DNA to grow genuine teeth in only 9 weeks. With this invention, you won’t have to go through the painful and long process of extracting the old ones. What a relief! The procedure takes 9 weeks, as we mentioned, the device being inserted and accepted by the body. The best part of this process is that the materials being used are of high quality, so that the growth of new teeth be perfectly successful.

Dr. Mao explains his theory with simple terms, saying that the tooth is replaced with stem cells, originating from your body, merging with the enclosing tissue. This ends up in exceptionally fast recovery and the process of regeneration is highly increased.

Yet, this method is not available in many countries in the world and for all people. So far, this discovery is a huge step in modern oral medicine, but It still needs further analysis and definite confirmation by the medical authorities.

Dental experts continue their hard work in finding less painful way of replacing the teeth being missed. This replacement should not require long recovery and the chances of possible rejection should me minimal.

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