Scientists have found a way how to reset the entire immune system in just three days!

The human body presents the perfect environment for many pathogens like viruses, parasites, fungi and bacteria.

Luckily, we have an immune system that has a responsibility to protect us from those pathogens during the day and night. The immune system is limiting the access of the microbes to your body, and it does not allow them to grow and cause some kind of a disease or infection.

When the immune system is weak, it essentially means that it cannot protect the body from the foreign invaders, which can result in some common illness like flu or cold, or some disease that is much more serious. This means that it is of vital importance that we keep our immune system in good shape.

It seems like the scientists found an effective, and free way to boost the immune system in humans, a way that even applies to the elderly people.

Three days to a new immune system

The researchers from the University of Southern Carolina, have discovered that fasting for three days can recharge and reset the human immune system, even in individuals that are over 60 years old. The scientists explain that fasting will enable the body’s stem cells to start creating new white blood cells, called leucocytes, which will prevent infections by preventing foreign invaders going in the body in the first place.

If we just think about it, we can realize that this is a groundbreaking discovery for everyone, but especially for the people that have weak immune systems like individuals that are receiving chemotherapy.

A regenerative switch

Valter Longo is a professor of Gerontology & the Biological Sciences at the University of Southern Carolina, and he says that fasting for three days can significantly boost your immune system. When fasting, the stem cells are being stimulated to star proliferating, and they will eventually reset the entire immune system.

During the time of fasting, the body will remove the parts of the immune system that are old and damaged, and the body will be able to produce new energy. What this essentially means that it can create an entirely new immune system.

The study involved some participants that fasted regularly for 2 to 4 days, over a period of 6 months. Dr. Longo is very excited about his research, even though it must go through more clinical trials. But, the bottom line is that the research looks very promising.

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