What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

Which sleeping position is your favorite? Do you prefer sleeping on the side, or you curl up in bed? Did you know that all sleeping positions have some kind of meaning? You probably never supposed that your way of sleeping defines your relationship.

Let’s find out the details.

The crab

This position shows that a partner needs space and more time for himself/herself, and the other one wants intimacy.

The cliff hanger

If you notice that you keep sleeping on opposite sides, it indicates the problem of distance between the partners. You need to work on your relationship and try to solve this situation. The sooner the better. If this happens for just one night, there is no need to panic. It means that you both need time to rest and good night’s sleep.


This romantic position when the woman sleeps on her man’s chest, it signifies a new relationship.

Pillow talk

If you are facing each other but your bodies don’t touch, it means that you are very close, you have confidence between each other, and you don’t lack conversation. In one word have a healthy relationship.


If the woman lays her head in the head of her partner’s shoulders, it means that she depends on him.

Lover’s knot

If you are sleeping face to face with your legs intertwined until you fall asleep, it is a clear sign of independence and powerful sexual life.

Spoon male inside

The man is the one who wishes for more love, care, and dedication.

Spoon female inside

The man loves his woman. He is very gentle, caring, and very protective of her.


If you are sleeping back-to-back and your bodies avoiding each other, it is an indicator of a strong and independent relation.


If your backs are facing each other, but not touching, it means that you are feeling comfortable and relaxed with your partner.

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