Why You Should Start Sleeping on Your Left Side!

We’ve all been through this situation of tossing and turning in our bed, trying to get the right position. The worst thing it can happen is to end up staring at the ceiling. But, believe or not, Dr. John Douillard has revealed an interesting answer to this common question : Which position is best for you to sleep in?

He puts all his trust in ayurveda, an Indian alternative medicine form, offering the suggestion of sleeping on the left side so as to give your body the necessary rest.

Here you have 3 strong reasons to take his advice.

1. Spine and breathing

As Joint Essential stated, when you sleep on your back, you put too much pressure on the upper back and hips. In that way, you also leave your lower back in a suspended state, which on long terms it may be harmful. While by sleeping on your stomach, your lower back and your neck are under pressure too. In addition, WebMD explained that sleeping on your side of the bed is perfect when providing maximum air flow to the lungs.

2. Digestion

Dr. Douillard writes on LifeSpa that food waste will be processed faster if you sleep on your left side. One suggestion would also be taking 10 minutes of rest on your left side after eating. In that way, your meal will be better digested.

3. Lymph draining

Dr. John also gives further explanation that the majority of the lymphatic system is located on the left side of the human body and the lymphatic congestion usually occurs on the left-hand side. So, when you sleep on your left side, you actually allow gravity to take some of the lymph drainage strain away from your heart as well as your spleen, having the very same position.

Obviously these three reasons are in favor of sleeping on the left side, but in the opinion of Dr. Steven Park, a sleep specialist, changing your sleeping position by force is not recommended. It could make a situation worse instead of better, since you’ll be breaking your sleeping routine.

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