Stop throwing away empty toilet paper rolls. Here’s 11 ways to reuse them around the house

Toilet paper is a necessity and inevitable part of every household. Every time we finish the toilet paper, we throw away the toilet paper roll into the garbage without thinking that we can use it in different ways. You’ll see that toilet paper rolls have amazing usages and you will never throw them again.

Try one of these interesting usages.

Decorative art mirror

You will add some interesting ornament to your mirror by using this roll. Start with cutting the roll into smaller sections and glue them together. At the end, put them around a mirror.

You will need:

– Toilet paper rolls (about 7)
– Round piece of wood (about 6 inches)
– Round mirror (5 inches)
– Black spray paint
– Tack
– Wire, string, or cord
– Scissors
– Glue gun and glue

First, spray paint on the inside and the outside of your toilet paper roll and your round piece of wood. Let the paint to dry. Then, slightly push down on your roll and use your scissors to cut loops that are ¼ of an inch. Now, place glue on the back of your mirror and glue it to the front of your round piece of wood. Take 5 of your cut roll pieces and your glue gun. Glue the ends of four of your rolls together. Take your 5th roll and apply glue on the bottom side. Afterwards, glue this in the center of the 4 rolls you glued. Next, put glue on the bottom of your rolls and glue the 5 piece structure you’ve created to the edge of your mirror. Continue with gluing your rolls around the mirror. Make sure they are flush against one another. When you finish gluing your 5 piece rolls, take a single roll piece and glue it in-between two of your 5 piece rolls. Make this all the way around your mirror.

Now, take one piece of roll and glue it to the one piece roll you just glued and one of the pieces from your five piece roll. Keep doing this until you have gown all the way around your mirror and finish the pattern.

Turn your mirror over. Take your twine and tie a knot at the end of it. Take your twine and put it towards the top of your mirror with the loop at the top. Take your tack and push it through the knot on your twine and wood.

And you’ve made yourself a very innovative home decoration.

Make storage container for toy cars

What a fantastic idea, right? You will no longer have your children’s toys scattered all around the house. Try this creative solution and storage your cars in one unique ‘garage’.


Seed starter

Cardboard is good for seed starters. This idea will help your plants grow and blossom.



Desk organizer

You must have it on your desk. You will have enough space to store pencils, pens, and other office supplies. To do this interesting stationary packages, spray toilet paper rolls a solid color and attach each roll to a piece of cardboard.




Nature-inspired Pencil Holder

Look for some twigs in your backyard. Glue this twigs to the toilet paper rolls and your rolls will get a pretty unusual nature-inspired look.


Bird feeder

For this solution, cover a roll with peanut butter and then put bird seeds over it.



You can organize your cords

In order to keep your cords organized in a perfect order, wrap them in a toilet paper roll. And you don’t have to untangle them.



You can also organize your yarn too

It couldn’t be simpler. Just wrap the yarn around a roll.


Store your scarves

Put toilet paper rolls in an empty drawer. Roll your scarves up and fit them inside a roll. In this way you will always keep your scarves neat and organized.


Store your wrapping paper

Toilet paper roll will keep your wrapping paper unraveled.


Use it as a gift container

Make this cute gif container to place your surprise gift.



Wonderful ideas, right? Share these suggestions with your friends and family.

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