Stop – Unrecognized boosting plant for human health

There are number of community that consider about common weed and grow in the garden, but they didin’t aware of its health benefits. The purslane is also well known as PortulacaOleraea. It is aesthetically interesting weed with flesh leave and yellow flower, but its health benefits more desirable.

This weed was first cultivated in Persia and India and spread to the whole world. Some cultures grow weed for consumption and pluck it/throw it away with other weed and leaf clipping.

Always called pig weed, it is natural crop and seed look so powerful/incredible they can stay in the land up to forty years. The weed grows well in the tended garden and arid climate. This resilient plant poses have similar benefits for human immune system. Purslane has high level of vitamin A among leaf green vegetables which 1320 IU per one hundred gram provide forty four percent of RDA. High vitamin A can prevent and help people to protect from any serious and dangerous cancer and help people to boost eyes health. The weeds have great beneficial omega 3 fatty acid that other fish oil.

Additionally, there are 2 different type of betalin alkaloid pigment; yellow beta xanthin and reddish beta cyanis. Both of alkaloid pigments are great potent for anti mutagent and anti oxidants. Purslane is also contain of citamin B complex, vitamin C, niacin, pyridoxine and riboflavin as well as carotenoids and trace minerals such as; calcium, magnesium and iron. Therefore, purslane is powerful punch and offer great nutritional health benefits. It must be elevated from weed to health boosting plant which must be consumeon regular basis.

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