The 15 Most Powerful Pictures on the Internet

If you are a professional photographer, or if you just love the feeling you get when you look at an exceptionally powerful picture, we strongly recommend you take a look at the following pictures we have prepared for you.

15 Most Powerful Pictures

We are all surrounded by social media photos that describe an ordinary way of living of some people, but when you take a look at the pictures we’ve prepared for you, you will realize that this is not even close.

You all know that a picture can make you happy, can make you sad and some pictures are so powerful that they can even change your life.

That’s why, after you take a look at these pictures, you may never be the same person again.

Some of you will wish to turn off the computers, others will smooth your soul. However, they will all show you the humanity in the worst and in the best times.

1. An amazing heart surgeon who looks exhausted after a 23-hour surgery when he successfully transplanted a heart. The doctor’s assistant has already fallen asleep in the corner.

2. A photo of Diego Frazao Torquato, a 12-year-old boy from Brazil, who cries while playing the violin at the service of his favorite music teacher, who showed him the power of music against violence and poverty.

3. A man crying with pain after finding out that his brother had passed away.

4. In 2009, in Australia, there were some devastating bush fires and the cute koalas were put in danger. A firefighter is giving some water to a koala to drink.

5. Mars sunset.

6. In 2008, the cyclone Nargis hit southern Myanmar, leaving millions of people without their homes. Hhaing The Yu, a 29 years old man in the picture, is covering his face with his hands after losing his home.

7. A handshake which stands after the graves of a Catholic wife and Protestant husband in Holland, 1888.

8. Few moments before the Kursk battle in 1943, Russian soldiers are preparing for the battle.

9. An emotive advertisement of parents who are probably in their 70-80s and are still looking for their missing daughter.

10. The difference in hands between a missionary and a starving young boy. Looks disturbing.

11. Auschwitz, the wall inside a gas chamber.

12. 1944, a Russian soldier is playing an abandoned piano in Chechnya.

13. 2011 in Cairo, Christians protect the Muslims in the middle of their prayer.

14. Terri Gurrola, a soldier, sees her daughter for the first time after serving seven months in Iraq.

15. This is a photo called “Wait for me daddy“. Taken in 1940, in New Westminister, Canada, by Claude P. Dettloff.

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