The 7-Day Plank Challenge for Better Core

Planks are very simple and easy to do and don’t require any additional equipment so you can do them anywhere! They work with a lot of major muscles in the body and do wonders for your body if you do them daily.

They are wonderful core exercise because they work the deep abdominal layer that makes the muscles become much stronger throughout your everyday activities. Although planks are easy and simple they can easily aggravate your muscles if you don’t do enough breaks while doing them. Form is also extremely important and the key component of planks.

So remember to take those breaks between sets and you can’t go wrong! Here is the 7 day plank program that will tighten that core!

Day 1: Regular Plank

Depending on your personal strength and intensity level you can do this standard plank which is easy to include in any routine. You start with the basic position on your stomach and push your body up with your hands, keep you back straight and you head in a neutral position.
Try and hold that position for about 30 seconds, or according to your body’s stress level you can increase or decrease the time interval. But feel free to challenge yourself and go for a 30 second to 1 minute plank!

Day 2: Side Plank

For rock hard oblique muscles go for the side plank! Begin on the right side of your body and push yourself up with your right hand. Make sure that you body is straight at a vertical angle. Try to hold this right side position for about 30 seconds up to 1 minute before changing the side. For a more challenging plank you can try and lift your left leg up, and of course if you are up for more you can change the time interval and intensity.

Day 3: Plank Jacks

This is a more challenging addition to the first plank position. Do the regular plank from day 1 but this time move your legs so they are in a wider than hip width distance. Then jump them back together and repeat that sequence 10 times and since it is a more challenging exercise don’t forget to take those breaks!

Day 4: Rocking Plank

This plank exercise will make your routine more dynamic. Take the position of the traditional standard plank from day 1 and keep that neutral line steady, only this time shift your weight forward and that pull yourself back up again. Keep doing that for about a minute and try to do 10 sets. If it is too difficult you can change the length of the exercise according to your body.

Day 5: Reverse Plank

To the reverse plank you need to lie on your back. Then slowly lift yourself up with both your hands at a 90 degree angle and focus on keeping your body in a straight line. Try to hold up like that for 30 seconds and then repeat 10 times.

Day 6: Plank with Leg Lifts

Get in the standard plank position only this time you mix it up with lifting your legs up and down simultaneously. This workout isolates the glutes as you move. Try to move your legs up and down for about a minute, then repeat 10 rounds.

Day 7: Plank with Elbow Touches

The starting position in this workout would be the traditional plank from day 1 to which you already grew accustomed to. Start out in that standard position and move your right knee up to your right elbow, hold like that for a couple of seconds and then repeat with your left knee and get back to the plank position. Do this for about 1 minute and repeat 10 times.

Any of these 7 innovated plank workouts will do wonders for you figure, muscles, core and oblique. Mix these 7 techniques and start making a change in your body fast!

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