The best way to remove Warts using Duct Tape –proven method

Warts small and grainy skin growths on the fingers or on the hands. They are unpleasant, unsightly and unfortunately very common.

Warts can appear as a result of a virus which can be spread by touching. They can be different:

  • Small, grainy, fleshy bumps
  • White, flesh-colored, tan or pink
  • Rough on the touch
  • Full of black dots, which are clotted, small blood vessels.

Duct Tape For Wart Removal

One of the best ways for wart removal is the everyday duct tape. This is a very effective treatment.

A study about warts includes 60 patients who had common warts. They were divided into two groups. One group had duct tape treatment and the other cryotherapy. 2 months later, 85 percent of those patients who used duct tape had no warts, while just 60 percent of the patients who had cryotherapy were rid of warts.

How to use duct tape to eliminate warts

Take a piece of duct tape (silver) and cover warts for 6 days, replacing when you need to. Soak the wart in water and remove the dead tissue using an emery board or a pumice stone.

Leave your wart uncovered for 12 hours, and repeat this process until your wart is completely gone.

The president of the Whitaker Institute, Doctor Julian Whitaker, says that you need to have patience because this isn’t an overnight solution”

To Lower The Risk Of Warts

Avoid being in contact with warts directly.

Don’t try picking at warts, because you will spread the virus.

Do not use the same nail clipper, pumice stone or emery board on warts and on the healthy nails and skin.

Do not bite your nails.

If your warts change color, cause you pain, spread, or look suspicious consult your specialist.

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