The Fake Eyelashes : An Unimaginable Danger

We can all agree that fake eyelashes look great and are very fashionable. We can buy them in different beauty shops, markets, pharmacies, etc. But, unfortunately, they can be a latent danger in our eyes.

Some specialists are very concerned about this fashion trend. The number of people, especially women, who use fake eyelashes is increasing every day, but ladies and not aware of the dangers they can lead to.

The Japanese Ministry of Health are very concerned about the infections caused by fake eyelashes, and the Ophthalmologists College in the United Kingdom has already warned of the dangers of frequently wearing false eyelashes.

It is known that all beauty treatments performed in a good way help to improve the look. But, sometimes, these beauty treatments can cause different conditions, from conjunctivitis or inflammation of the eyelids to damage to the cornea.

Sometimes, false eyelashes can result in holes and scratches in the cornea, which need time to heal completely.

These extensions use glue to be fixed on the eye. They also have chemicals called formaldehyde, which causes allergic reactions.

If you wear your extensions for a longer period, they can accumulate bacteria and dirt, and they can cause damage to the natural eyelashes.

Extensions make the eyelashes more glamorous but in reality, they cause an opposite effect and become thinner.

One of the worst things that can happen is a change in the surface of the eye.

For example, if the extension is not properly added, it can cause damage to the eye during the procedure, can cause an infection, and in the worst cases, it could lead to loss of sight.

Japan is the first country that has forbidden placing fake eyelashes without having a special license, because of the risks that this treatment has.

We all know that there are many women in the world who are looking for cheap treatments and do not ask if the beautician has a license for that or not. Don’t risk your eye health and next time you buy false eyelashes be very careful.

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