The link between profession and divorce: 8 jobs that put marriages at risk

Marriage is not always easy and the sad reality is that not all “I dos” end with a happy ending no matter how much two people may be committed to each other. People divorce for all kinds of reasons, but the most common reasons are cheating, the lack of communication or the end of love.

Career choice doesn’t usually become the cause of divorce — but probably it should. Nathan Yau is a statistician who used data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s Five-Year American Community Survey to find which professions are connected with the highest divorce rates. And he found out some intriguing things.

It turns out that some occupations can increase the chance of getting divorced by more than fifty percent! In this article, we would like to show you eight jobs that can put your marriage at risk. Let’s read about them right now!

#1. A gaming manager

This profession occupies the leading position in the highest divorce rate in the USA. It is almost fifty-three percent! Casinos usually hire gaming managers to make sure that customers are having fun.

#2. A bartender

It is not really surprising, but fifty-three percent of bartenders get divorced too. Most bartenders have very busy schedules: they often work all night with liters of alcohol. They also have to interact with many people during the day, so it can lead to love affairs

#3. A gaming service worker

This job also occupies a high position in top divorce rates. Fifty percent of gaming service workers cannot find happiness in their family life.

#4. A flight attendant

Some people dream about this job, but the reality is not that sweet. Fifty percent of flight attendants get divorced at some point of their lives. They usually don’t have time to spend with their family.

#5, #6. A rolling machine setter and a tender

These jobs often require working without a traditional schedule. Crazy working hours may result in family quarrels and divorces.

#7. A telephone operator

It is interesting, but, for some reason, almost fifty percent of telephone operators get divorced too.

#8. A telemarketer

This job also has an almost fifty percent chance of divorce. This job is very stressful, so it can be difficult to control emotions at home for telemarketers.

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