The man who found a “cure for all diseases” taken to supreme court over claims & wins!

Dr. Sebi is a doctor from Spanish Honduras, who bases his treatments around herbs. He is claiming for years that he found the cure for all diseases. These diseases include some of the most dangerous diseases like diabetes, cancer, stroke, STDs, AIDS/HIV and arthritis.

These type of claims were publicly exposed in 1988, when the New York’s Attorney General decided to take him to court. The fun fact here is that the ruling was passed in the favor of the doctor.

The requirements of the trial were that the doctor should present evidence before the court that he successfully cured at least one patient of the ten major conditions he said that he was able to cure. Then, the court was overwhelmed by 70 witnesses, who were previously cured by the doctor. The judge dropped the case, and what is more, he ruled in the favor of the doctor.

Herbal healing

Dr. Sebi provides natural treatments that rely on herbs and the benefits that they bring to the table. He says that all humans can be healed by any form of diseases or conditions, with the power of herbs.

He was having an obesity and diabetes problems in the early stages of his life, and he was cured by some Mexican doctor, who used entirely natural remedies. This inspired him to try and study the health benefits of the herbs, in attempt to cure multiple medical conditions.

During his career, he was able to cure one patient who was suffering from HIV, and in 1993, he even released medical affidavit that claimed that he cured the patient in just two months.

He uses a combination of vegetarian diet and natural alkaloid herbs. He believes that inflammation is the root of any disease, and that his cures address and eliminate inflammation first. The main compounds of his vegetarian diet are starch-free breads, mushrooms and greens.

Today, he has thousands of patients around the world, who claim that his natural methods of healing were very beneficial for them. He even treated celebrities like Michael Jackson and Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes.

Dr. Sebi treated Lisa in his small village for smoking, stress and severe alcoholism. The treatment included 40 days of special herbal treatment and fasting. When he finished the treatment (successfully), Lisa returned home and she took his name to the world.

He was often seen in the company of Michael Jackson, when he needed help with his addiction to painkillers.

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