They Told You That Drinking Lemon Water Was Good, But Here’s What They Didn’t Tell You

There is no doubt that water and lemon, when consumed separately have amazing health benefits. What is fascinating is how much more you can get when you mix these two ingredients in one super healthy drink.

Water hydrates the body and acts like a great detoxifier and lemon complements water by having unique antibacterial and antiviral properties. This drink is good for your overall health and that has been proven by many experts. You can consume it cold but studies show that it is better to consume with warm or lukewarm water. Just squeeze half a lemon and combine the juice with a normal cup of filtered water.

Here are 9 more reasons to consume lemon water daily:

1) It Boosts Your Immunity

Lemon contains a lot of vitamin C that helps the natural ability of the body to fight of flu and cold symptoms. It has amazing antibacterial powers and it also improves the assimilation of iron, thus enhancing the immune system.

2) It Cleanses the Urinary Tract

With its potent ingredients the warm lemon water balances the pH levels, fights off any bad bacteria and stimulates the urine production, with which it is acting like a potent diuretic and cleansing the urinary tract.

3) It Aids Digestion

Lemon has a great effect on the bile production which helps a better digestion and together with water it detoxifies the body.

4) It Increases the Energy Levels

All the well known vitamins that the lemon contains help your energy levels starting with vitamin C, vitamin B and also proteins. They maintain the pH levels and refresh and hydrate your body.
When you consume one glass daily of this drink the acidic environment acts like a bacteria and inflammation repellent.

5) It Promotes Weight Loss

The lemon alkalizes the body, and contains pectin and with those two powerful ingredients it helps you curb you appetite, eat less food during the day and stops your cravings, sugar or otherwise. In that way it helps you lose weight faster.

6) It Treats Throat Infections

With its powerful antibacterial properties, the warm lemon water can do wonders for a sore throat and any other infections. It works better than any other medications so when sick or in and ordinary day, choose to fight of risky infections with this miracle drink.

7) Hypertension

Just like this drink detoxifies your whole body it also cleanses the lymphatic system and with that it ensures better sleep, improves your mental state and relieves any stress symptoms.

8) It Helps Clear Your Skin

That’s right. Apart from having amazing health benefits it also can be very useful in the cosmetics department. When you consume warm lemon water on an empty stomach you stimulate the blood flow and the creation of new cells and that process will make your skin look refreshed, shiny and healthy.

9) Removes Bad Breath

Since it has antibacterial properties it is very useful and good in eliminating bacteria and in boosting the saliva secretion and with that helps with cases of bad breath.

The important thing to remember is to drink this on an empty stomach, that is when the effect will work better. It is easy to make, simple and will help you prevent a lot of symptoms of various diseases.

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