This 7-Day Lemon Diet Will Help You Detoxify Your Body And Reduce Your Fat

This incredible drink will help you eliminate fat, detox your body, and it is easy to fit in your diet. The key ingredient for this amazing drink is a lemon, a great fruit that has the power to eliminate toxins from your digestive tract.

People who have tried it, are satisfied with the results and many of them include it in their diet, making it 12 hours before consumption. The best time to consume this drink is in the morning.

Lemon water offers the following benefits:

Follow this simple lemon diet plan for seven days and soon it will become your routine.

Day 1 – Take a glass with lukewarm water. Add a couple of slices of lemon and leave them for a few minutes to work.

Drink this awesome lemon drink. Drink another glass in the afternoon half an hour before lunch.

Day 2 – drink one glass of lemon juice in the morning and in the afternoon. Drink 2 or 3 liters of mineral water. You can also add some fruit for better taste and other nutrients.

Day 3 – Drink lemon water as a first thing in the morning and drink lukewarm lemon water before lunch. Drink lemon mineral water throughout the whole day.

Day 4 and Day 5 – Same as Day 3.

Day 6 – Same as Day 3, but this time take only two glasses of lemon water, one in the morning and one before dinner.

Day 7 – drink a glass of lemon water as a first thing in the morning right after you wake up.

Drinking lemon water will soon become your habit. It is very helpful to drink lemon water every morning and 2-3 liters of mineral water to keep your body well-hydrated. This seven-day diet plan will help you eliminate body fat and will detoxify your body. Consume healthy food.

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