This homemade juice will help you lose weight faster and it will also cleanse and heal your system!

In the year of 1940, the nutritionist Stanley Borough made the original recipe for recovery and purification which was first used against stomach ulcers and other health conditions.

The most important thing to do is to drink 12 cups a day, for a week, in order to completely remove the toxins and the food from your system.

Stanley explained that this same beverage can be used to lose weight and that in fact it can be used as a means to lose weight only, not as a treatment for some disease. The main ingredient in this beverage is lemon. It contains tons of potassium and vitamin C, which are anti-bacterial agents, and it also has the ability to boost the metabolism and treat digestive diseases.

As you probably know, proper food digestion is extremely important for the reduction of the excess weight.

Honey, on the other hand, will also help you in the weight loss process, because it is used as a substitute for sugars.

It also has the ability to lower the levels of the stress hormones in your organism, and it is also great as a liver cleanser.

Another ingredient in this drink is the red pepper, which will help you melt down calories faster and easier because they contain capsaicin that can increase the temperature of the body. Then, the blood circulation will remove the contaminants from your digestive system, through the natural process of elimination.

The recipe


  • Two lemons
  • Four tablespoons of natural honey
  • Half tablespoon of hot pepper
  • Filtered water

How to prepare it:

The preparation process is very simple and easy, and all you need to do is to add the honey in 200 ml. of lukewarm water and them mix all the ingredients. Then, add the lemon juice and the red pepper. Stir the mixture and then put them in a one-liter bottle, and fill it with the water to the top.

You need to drink this remedy in the mornings after you wake up, on an empty stomach, and when you feel thirsty during the day. You need to drink the whole liter during the course of one day.

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