This Is The Reason Why You Have “Bad Breath”!

Many people suffer from bad breath. Even they use numerous fresheners, they still have the problem. For some people, there is no other way that odor to be fixed.

What is the factor?

For the majority of the cases the reasons are stones on the tonsils.

Yes, these are little dots that you can notice on the tonsils. They can make your breath really awful. Stones in tonsils release a gas that has a terrible smell like Sulphur.

Tonsils stones are just a bacteria, lump of mucous, and stored food in the back of your throat.

After the stones are formed, you will have a problem with your breath and you will have additional health problems and the swallowing of the food will be painful.

In some cases, tonsil stones can simply fall off, but in most of the cases they needs to be solved by surgery. Of course, there is a 3rd option. It is to eliminate the enemy from the mouth yourself.

If you have a gut, just watch the video below to see how is actually done:

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