This is what microwave ovens are doing to your health

Everyone in the US owns a microwave oven. They can be found in almost all commercial kitchens, offices and workplaces in the world.

Microwave ovens can inflict serious damage to your health, and you cannot get away from them, because they are virtually all around us. We are going to list some things that you most likely did not know about microwaves and your overall health.

Microwaved food is stripped of its nutrients

There are hundreds of conspiracy theories that suggest that microwaves can give you radiation poisoning. Those statements are not true, and microwaves will not directly damage your health.

However, that does not mean that they are healthy, because microwaves will strip the food of its nutrients. This happens because the food will absorb the microwaves and they will then remove all the healthy nutrients from the food.

Microwaves destroy B12 vitamin

B12 vitamin is an extremely beneficial vitamin because it is responsible for the proper working of some different and very important systems in the human body.

Microwaved food however, does not contain B12 vitamin, because the microwaves will destroy it. This means that you must ingest this vitamin from somewhere else. Also, according to some scientific studies, you should never microwave breast milk. It contains some good bacteria that are going to be destroyed by the microwaves. This means that your baby will not get the good bacteria that its tiny body needs in order to develop properly.

Microwaves create carcinogens

Carcinogens can get inside your food every time you put something in the microwave that is wrapped with plastic.

The microwavable foods that you can buy at your local grocery store, contain toxic chemicals like BPA and PET. When you put this food in your microwave oven, it will absorb these substances, and they will cause some serious health problems. The most dangerous thing that these substances will do, is that they will increase your risk of cancer.

Microwaves can make changes to your blood

Researchers from Switzerland made a research and found out that the subjects who ingested microwaved vegetables and milk, had some blood changes. The test subjects had a decreased amount of red blood cells, while having an increased white cells count. White cells normally only increase when the body is facing an infection.

What about microwave ovens?

There is no solid evidence that microwave ovens are dangerous. Because of this they cannot be taken out of use. According to the researchers, they produce a radiation frequency that can affect your heart rate, and they recommend that you avoid using microwave ovens if you are suffering from chest pain or arrhythmia.

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