Top 5 Popular Children’s Snacks Made with Cancer Causing Petroleum Products

You will be surprised to find out that children eat snacks which are harmful for their health since they are full with artificial coloring that can cause cancer and petroleum. The second one is used to produce gas and oil, imagine that! Food dyes usually used in the food industry like Rd 40 and Yellow 5 are prepared from petroleum and can cause serious health conditions. A statement made by FDA (Federal Food and Drug Administration) says that the concern threshold is applied to the ingestion.

The health problems caused by this snacks are allergic reaction, cancer is some cases and hyperactivity in children. The artificial food coloring is closely connected to ear infections, bed-wetting, headaches, obesity, diabetes, asthma, hypersensitivity, mood swings, eczema, sleep disturbances, chromosomal damage, hyperactivity, raised risky behavior, hives, ADD or ADHD and sometimes hypoglycemia.

The substances are very dangerous so the European Union and British government already stopped the usage of dyes in Europe and warned other countries.

1. Pop tarts

Their first release was back in 1964 and are small brown pastries. pop-tartsThere is a Frosted Strawberry flavor which has table sugar, corn syrup or dextrose, and high fructose corn syrup which are the most harmful sugar types and they are all in the list of the ingredients. Another alarming substances are TBHQ which is a kind of petroleum related to butane and hydrogenated soybean oil which can cause organic dysfunction and sometimes cancer.

2. Fruit snacks

These snacks are very hard to resist since their flavor can be any kind of fruit. Fruit-Snacks-RevisedBut, when you notice that all they consist is colors and artificial additives you will never try them again. The commonly used food coloring is Red 3, said with another name E127 or called Erythrosine a product of petroleum.

3. M&M’s

This candies which melt in your mouth but also in your hands are colorful and filled with chocolate that is why children are having fun. But, the colors are artificial and dangerous for consummation. maxresdefaultThe colors used for their creation are Blue 2, a petroleum based product that can increase hyperactivity, brain tumors and many other abnormal cell growth in children. Other is the Blue 1 which can produce tumors of malignant type, Red 40 a DNA destroyer, Yellow 6 cancer causer and Yellow 5. These artificial colors are made from the harmful petroleum and are very bad for our health causing allergic reactions, hyperactivity and even cancer.

4. Cheetos.

We all love these cheese and orange snacks.cheetos-crunchy-flamin-hot-limon The cheese color is created by and artificial color called Yellow 6 and we already know that this is made out of petroleum. Also, the flavor of cheese is gained by ethyl methylphenidate and methyl benzoate. All these ingredients are not recommended because they can cause many diseases.

5. Teddy grams

Back in 1988 their first appearance was introduced and they were in five different flavors. These funny little bears have the perfect size because even a small child can take it in his fingers. Chocolate_teddy_grahams The negative side is that they full with TBHQ which is a toxic substance and can provoke vomiting, nausea, delirium, collapse and ringing in the ear. In a lab experiment on rats, it is shown to be harmful since it can cause damage to the lungs, fragment DNA, stomach cancer or umbilical cells. It can intensify the symptoms of ADHD, anxiety or restlessness in children.

We are used to eat everything that is rich in flavor and addictive but these snacks are not healthy. Therefore, there are healthy one which can be beneficial to your health like celery of carrots previously chopped, organic fruit or you can prepare your own. One example is the the granola bars which can be made out of flax seeds and chia seeds. Bake them and then let them cool. Then, place them in the fridge and you have easy and quick healthy snack. You can add nuts or fruits for more nutritions. Enjoy and avoid the unhealthy snacks.

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