Treat Your Children With Care: They Are Made Of Dreams! (Everyone Needs To Know This)

Everyone is a different individual, and children cannot be their parent’s copies. Children are made of dreams, illusions, and hopes.

But did you know that in the UK parents prepare their 5-year-old child so that he/she at age 6, can take a test, with which they can access the most elite schools? But, don’t you think that children at this age should play outside with their friends instead of studying for the test?

Many parents follow the idea of speeding up their children’s skills and stimulating them by playing them Mozart’s music while they are still in the womb.

Our children and competitive environment

We can all agree that the demands of this competitive society require people who are capable of adapting. But, do you think that children who succeeded to enter the most elite schools will get a good job in the future? Was all that emotional cost worthwhile?

However, there are no definite studies that prove that speeding up children’s skills is positive and has a beneficial impact on the long-term academic performance. Sometimes, children feel stress and frustration trying to achieve parental expectations.

Children are made of dream and we should not forget that. We should take a good care of them. When we overwhelm them with adults duties while they are still children, we force them to grow prematurely.

Parenting and love, to words that cross the world hand in hand

Raising a family is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Parenting that respects the affections and dreams of the child

Parents most important duty is to provide theirs children guidance and let them follow their path. For a child, the highest motivation is curiosity. That’s why teachers and parents play a significant role for the children.

Guideline for parents:

We are parents and we cannot be our children’s friends. Our duty is to love them, take care of them, guide them and be their role model.

A child’s creativity is better learning methods than playing a game.

Spend a lot of time with your children in quiet places in order to help them reflect and observe their surrounding.

How to educate your children without shouting

Rewards are not always appropriate because children might get used to material gratification without appreciating the inherent benefit of effort and personal achievement.

It is normal to say NO at times because this way you set limits and you create rules for them.

Respectful parenting makes use of patience, listening, and communication. A child who feels respected cared for and valued is a person who feels confident to maintain and shape those childhood dreams.

Childhood is very important for our children, so respect this stage, spend a lot of time with your children, play with them and enjoy.

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