Trump’s Attack On Big Pharma Lost The Drug Industry About $25 Billion In 20 Minutes

It is becoming clear why Big Pharmaceutical-owned crooks and companies wanted Hillary Clinton to be next America’s president.

Hilary Clinton has always been a friend to the crooked industry, and Donald Trump is against the industry. When Trump talked against Big Pharma, he actually changed things up a little. After he was criticizing the industry in the interview by the Washington Post, Big Pharma lost about $25 billion in 20 minutes exactly. If he continues doing this with the corruption-ridden industry, it could threaten its standing within commercial markets and the American economy across the country, and worldwide.

Trump criticizes the industry and it’s clear that sooner than later, that it will be stopped. In a press conference, Trump said that American drug industry has been terrible and that they supply drugs but they don’t make them in America, to a large extent.

We have to create new procedures for the drug industry because they’re getting unpunished with murder. Pharma has a lot of a lot of power, a lot of lobbyists, and lobbies. Trump explained that there’s very little bidding on drugs. We’re the major buyer of medications in the world. We should start bidding. We will save billions of dollars over a period of time.

If you think that he isn’t taking on the Big-Pharmaceutical establishment, then you should do some more research in different news outlets, and you should pay attention to his actions and interviews. He is a person with quite a list of mistakes, yes, but he is a very brave person. He is the first politician in the American history who has done this.

Mr. Trump will lay out constructive plans to make America great again. He will start by making sure the American people are healthy. He wants to destroy Big-Pharma’s influence on the U.S. with its pharmaceutical addictions and destroy its ability to profit. These addictions have caused disorder across the U.S., and the media has been too quiet about it.

There is an enormous lack of concern over physical and mental health in U.S. society. It is our biggest concern, and we are only sweeping it under our carpets and beds, acting like this is not a problem worth facing.

If we all want to achieve the same goal, for our country to succeed, then we need to remain together. Many people don’t realize that they are becoming addicted to the drugs because they don’t recognize its possibilities to occur.

Although there is a small fight against the pharmaceutical industry involving Trump, it’s up to the American citizens, to get involved in the fight for transparency within the corrupted industry.

With Trump and us speaking out against its crimes, it’ll be easier for the public to be warned about the risks of chemical additives in pharmaceutical drugs. It is our time to fight back, and speak up loudly for our health.

What are we waiting for?

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