U.S Government Finally Acknowledges The Fact That Cannabis Kills Cancer Cells and Protects Healthy Cells

After the U.S. National Cancer Institute (NCI) has accepted the fact that cannabis destroys cancer cells, without harming the healthy ones, the news was immediately spread out. Although, cannabis, also known as marijuana, has been regarded as a harmful drug for more than 80 years, multiple studies serve as a proof that marijuana, can actually be the cure of many health problems.

Not long ago, the federal government sponsored agency has updated the FAQs on its website to include studies which showed that marijuana can and has destroyed cancer cells. As stated by the global health estimates, around 20,000 people every day across the world are victims to this vicious disease.

Health researchers from the U.S. government now claim that cannabinoids, a class of compounds present in cannabis, can hinder cancer by causing cell death and stymieing blood vessels necessary for tumor growth. To assert this, they shared publicly their experiment on rats and mice and proved that cannabinoids have the power to destroy cancer cells, while at the same time protecting the healthy ones. It is the chemical structure of marijuana that was proved to be effective at fighting colon cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and other forms of this disease.

Moreover, health officials also implied that cannabinoids can advance the effectiveness of chemotherapy, with no side-effects. Another study on mice have shown that cannabinoids have the ability to protect the colon from inflammation, and may lower the risk of colon cancer. A laboratory study of delta-9-THC in mouse models of liver cancer, has shown that it also had antitumor influence. It has the same effective action in fighting lung cancer. Studies in mouse models of metastatic breast cancer confirmed that cannabinoids may reduce the growth, number, and spread of tumors.

The health officials give a further explanation that cannabinoid receptors have anti-inflammatory properties, which play a significant role in relieving the pain. Additionally, few animal studies have demonstrated that cannabinoids can prevent problems with the nervous system like: tingling, swelling, and muscle weakness, caused as a consequence of different types of chemotherapy.

These studies by the NCI, are regarded to be preclinical, being all conducted on animals. As stated by the health officials, clinical trials of marijuana use to treating cancer, haven’t been published.
However, the alternative media have been repeating the health benefits of this plant over and over again. But, what is sure is that after several decades of the federal government rejecting marijuana as a potential cure, the cancer-fighting properties of cannabis, should no longer be disregarded.

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