Unbelievable ! Castor Oil and Baking Soda Can Treat More Than 24 Health Problems !

Castor oil has more health benefits than you can imagine. It has been part of the traditional medicine for centuries now and is highly recommended by holistic medicine. It is best known for his positive effect on blood circulation. Therefore it is used as coating. Castor oil is especially efficient when combined with baking soda.

Castor oil coating: what ingredients do you need and how to prepare it?

Before application, don’t forget to clean the affected area with a solution of baking soda.

You will need:

– Cold pressed castor oil
– Clean gauze
– Towel
– Bottle of warm water
– Plastic foil


First you should heat the oil, and place it on the affected area, so as the gauze is soaked in it. The spot you want to treat, needs to be covered with foil. Then, put the boil with warm water on it, and wrap with the towel. Leave it like that for one hour. This treatment should be repeated every day for 40 days.

Now, read about all 24 health problems that are solved by this oil:

1. If you happen to have strained ankle, then the castor oil coating will definitely help you. Just wrap a coating of castor oil and let it stay overnight.

2. This coating is especially helpful to pregnant women, especially in the last 2 months of pregnancy. All you should do is massaging the stomach with castor oil, so to prevent stretch marks.

3. Number 3 solution will be absolutely of great help. Get rid of the dark spots on your face by making a mixture of castor oil and baking soda.

4. It is unbelievable how castor oil helps to cure cataracts. Drop a drop every night before you go to sleep.

5. Castor oil also cures vocal cords nodules, and chronic hoarseness. Apply this coating on the neck regularly and fee the benefits.

6. It is highly efficient in treating pilonidal cyst.

7. If allergies are torturing you, all you should do is drinking 5 drops of castor oil regularly, every morning.

8. For eye allergies specifically, rub some castor oil on the eyelid before bedtime.

9. It will minimize your desire for alcohol and nicotine. Just drink few drops of castor oil regularly, and you will manage to fight your addiction.

10. Believe it or not, it will stimulate your hair to grow faster than ever. For this effect, massage the scalp with castor oil 20 minutes before you apply shampoo.

11. It improves hearing. Just drop a few drops of castor oil in the ear It may sound strange to you at first, but it’s effective.

12. If you want to eliminate tinnitus for good, drink 6-8 drops of this oil for 4 months regularly. The positive effect is guaranteed.

13. Your pain in the lower back will be relieved, by applying coatings soaked in the oil, for a week.

14. It also treats chronic diarrhea. The procedure is very simple, just apply coatings soaked in castor oil.

15. You will also manage to get rid of the annoying warts. Rub the affected area with castor oil in a period of one month.

16. Use castor oil coatings on a daily basis, and fungal infection on the feet will be successfully eliminated.

17. It removes deposits of calcium, by massaging the soles with the oil every day.

18. Remove moles by practicing the treatment of rubbing castor oil on them for a period of one month.

19. It helps with hyperactivity. Just Apply coatings of castor oil on the stomach.

20. Hepatitis is successfully cured with this incredibly healthy oil.

21. The combination of castor oil and baking soda is recommended for treating skin cancer. Can you imagine?

22. You can finally put an end to snoring if you only apply coatings soaked in castor oil on the stomach. The procedure should be repeatedly done for two weeks.

23. If you are looking for a natural cure to treat chronic diarrhea, the solution is of course, applying coatings soaked in castor oil on the stomach.

24. The first thing that comes to your mind after a bee sting, is by applying castor oil on the affected area. It will also prevent swelling.

The process of healing bruises, cuts, and wounds is incredibly speeded up with the use of this miraculous oil. You have more than 24 reasons to have it in your home, and use it whenever you feel it necessary.

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